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SAVE THE DATE: May 17, 2017

Please save the date:

Our next HES general meeting is scheduled for MAY 17, WEDNESDAY.


TIME: 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM


LOCATION: University of Hawaii, Gilmore Hall 306


SPEAKERS: Russell & Janine Zabel, Keepers of Australian Stingless Native Bees


Russell commenced honey beekeeping when he was 8 YO. By 17 YO, he was keeping 90 colonies. During this time he collected the occasional native bee colony, however his interest in native bees commenced after an article in the local paper about research into splitting native bee colonies in a box. This was 1988. He commenced a carpentry trade in 1974 and became technical college building teacher in 1984. After leaving work in 2012, he and Janine have devoted their full time to their native bee business. He and Janine have lived and worked in remote locations helping the locals aborigines understand native bees. The Zabels current manage over 500 colonies. Russell also assists his 82YO father manage 150 colonies of honey bees. Russell’s hobby is growing staghorn and elkhorn ferns!



TALK: Australian experiences with 600 colonies of Native social stingless bees & Italian honey bees


Janis N. Matsunaga 
HES Secretary

Pacific Entomology Conference Registration is live!

You can now register for the Pacific Entomology Conference. Follow the link!

Website upgrades

The HES website and the PEC website are now mobile friendly! let us know how it works or if you run into problems!

Pacific Entomology Conference Save the Date!

Hi everyone, please save the date for the XVIth Pacific Entomology Conference. We have tentatively settled on April 18, 19 and 20 at the Hilton Waikiki Beach Hotel. Stay tuned for details which will be shown here and at the PEC website!

59th Hawaii State Science and Engineering Fair Winners

Judging for the 59th Science and Engineering Fair occurred at the Hawaii Convention Center on March 29th. Ms. Jordie Ocenar conducted this year’s Agency judging for the Hawaiian Entomlogical Society. The winners were as follows:

2nd Place, Junior Research Division

Summer O. Royal, Ciena A.S. Swafford, and Jasmine M. Chan; Stevenson Middle (7th Grade)

Project Title: Spray Bye Bye Lice

Mr. Malcolm Cogbill (Teacher)

Ms. Bryanna Fissori (Mentor)

They researched a spray to kill ukus which they obtained through an ad on Craig’s List.

1st Place, Junior Research Division

Megan M. Nakamoto; Waiakea Intermediate School (7th Grade)

Project Title: Caterpillar Cravings: A Study of the Food Preferences of the Noctuidae Agrotis Caterpillar on Mauna Kea

Ms. Candice L. Ota (Teacher)

Dr. Jesse Eiben (Mentor)

This is the fourth year a Nakamoto has worked with Jesse to win a science fair award! This year Ms. Nakamoto investigated different lures and food for the Agrotis caterpillar.

The Ray-Joyce Award in Medical and Veterinary Entomology

Anna V. Freitas; Iolani School

Determining the population density and distribution of Aedes albopictus

Mr. Frederick W. Heyler (Teacher)

Dr. Durrell D. Kapan (Mentor)

Ms. Freitas completed a mosquito survey on Oahu and compared it to a niche model to determine changes in time.  Also, developed an easy way for citizens to get involved and keep the project running at her school so people can keep track of mosquitos that cause diseases.

1st Place, Senior Research Division

Brandon R. I. Miyake and Lester H. C. Iwata; Waiakea High School

Project Title: Viability and optimal application of Beauveria bassiana bioinsecticide on the eradication of Chaetanaphothrips ochidii infestations on anthuriums

Whitney Aragaki (Teacher)

Dr. Robert Hollingsworth (Mentor)

They Tested different concentrations of Beauveria bassiana on anthuriums to get rid of thrips.

Pacific Entomology Conference has a website

The PEC has its own website. Please follow this link!

Pacific Entomology Conference Save the Date!

PEC 2015

HES Quarterly Meeting, March 2014

2014 Sakimaki Award Winners

57th Hawai’i State Science and Engineering Awards

This years fair was held March 31 to April 2, 2014. Unfortunately for the students, judging was held on April Fool’s Day. The number of entomology projects was at an all time low although the number of GMO related projects sky rocketed. It was great to see all but one project had a HES member serving as a mentor. 

Senior Research Division

First Place: Ms. Gabrielle Beniga of St. Andrew’s Priory looked at the effects of tea on Drosophila. Her project "The Effects of Pure Tea on the Longevity and Reproductive Cyle ofDrosophila melanogaster” showed that tea, especially green tea, has some pretty dramatic effects on development. She has since boosted her intake of green tea and plans on continuing her project.

Junior Research Division

First Place: Ms. Aliyah Abanes of St. Andrew’s Priory had difficulty finding a mentor because “the UH website needs some serious updating” but she did find mentors in Dr. Ming-yi Chou and Dr. Luc Leblanc. Both assisted her in her project “What Effect Does Pesticide Treated Papaya Have on Oriental Fruit Fly Rearing and Mortality Rates?” She compared commercially bought organic papaya with conventionally grown papaya but concluded that she needs to re-do the tests, next time with papaya she treated herself.

Second Place: Ms. Anne Nakamoto of Waiakea Intermediate School, once again partnered with Dr. Jesse Eiben to produce a great project. This time her project was titled, “A study of the Food Preferences of the Recent Invader, Cardiocondyla kagutsuchi in Hale Pohaku.” She looked at what was more attractive to the ants, jam, peanut butter or that old favorite SPAM. 

HES Quarterly Meeting

May 31, 2013

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